SINGING TO RESUME  on September 12th!!!
New Singers Welcome!

Masks are not required;  they are a personal choice. 

Vaccination with Covid vaccine is strongly recommended for your own protection however not required for singing in the chorus   Please have consideration for your fellow Chorus Members and stay home if you have any symptoms of COVID-19 Especially fever headache or sore throat

Our Purposes

        To promote interest in choral singing

  • To increase membership in choral societies

  • To cultivate, promote and develop among its members the appreciation, understanding and love of the musical arts so as to provide concerts, social activities, entertainment and amusement and the voluntary use of their talents all on a non-profit basis

  • To secure the interest of sponsors of these arts

  • To  promote friendship, sociability and culture among friends of music, sponsors and members of the MID HUDSON WOMEN'S CHORUS

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